Is Circumcision Good or Bad?

Is Circumcision Good or Bad

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Circumcision is one of the most commonly performed urological procedures across the world. Circumcision can be performed for various reasons.

While in some cases, it can be performed due to religious, cultural, or social reasons, in other cases, it can be performed as an effective treatment for various penile conditions such as phimosis, paraphimosis, and balanitis

Irrespective of the reason, there is always apprehension when it comes to this procedure. Even though it is proven that the pros of circumcision outweigh its cons by a great margin, people still continue to debate over the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision. So, is getting circumcised bad or good? What are the advantages of circumcision? Are there any disadvantages? 

In this blog, we will answer all your questions regarding the procedure and if it is the right option for you.  

Advantages of Circumcision Surgery

It is a proven fact that circumcision can be very beneficial not only for people struggling with penile and foreskin conditions but also for good maintenance of genital hygiene and general well-being. Some advantages that are commonly associated with circumcision are:

  • Easier Hygiene: Ease of hygiene is one of the significant benefits of undergoing a circumcision surgery. As the foreskin is removed, it becomes much easier to regularly and thoroughly clean under the foreskin. This helps prevent excess accumulation of any harmful bacteria and smegma under the foreskin and minimizes the chances of a penis infection.
  • Effective Treatment of Foreskin-Related Problems: A circumcision surgery is generally considered to be a safe and effective treatment for various foreskin-related issues such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, posthitis, and balanoposthitis. 
  • Decreased Risk of Urinary Tract Infections: Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is an infection that can occur in any part of the urinary system. UTI generally occurs due to poor genital hygiene and accumulating bacteria, microbes, and smegma under the foreskin. As the foreskin is removed, it becomes easier to clean the penis glans and wash away any excess smegma or bacteria.
  • Decreased Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections: Studies show that circumcised men are less likely to contract any Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as herpes, HIV, HPV, and Chlamydia as compared to uncircumcised men. However, this protection against STIs is considered modest. Proper use of protection, such as a condom, during intercourse remains essential. 
  • Reduced Risk of Penile Cancer: It has been found that infant male circumcision significantly reduces the risk of penile cancer. Although cancer of the penis is rare, it is even less common in circumcised men.

Potential Disadvantages of Circumcision Surgery

As is the case with any other surgical procedure, circumcision also has its own set of potential disadvantages. Some potential disadvantages that are often associated with circumcision include:

  • Potential Risks and Complications from Surgery: While actual cases of any major complications after a circumcision surgery are rare, they can still happen. If caught early, your urologist may be able to treat any complications with medications. However, severe cases may require revision surgery. Some complications associated with circumcision surgery are excessive bleeding, infection, injury to the penis, and unsatisfactory cosmetic results.
  • Meatal Stenosis: Meatal stenosis is a condition of the penis where the urethral opening at the end of the penis becomes very narrow. As a result, it causes difficulty in passing on urine and semen. Meatal stenosis is an extremely rare complication that can generally be treated with steroid creams. But, severe cases may require a surgical procedure known as meatotomy for treatment.
  • Excessive or Insufficient Removal of the Foreskin: Normally, circumcision surgery only removes the foreskin to the level where the penis glans are completely exposed. But, in rare cases, too little or too much of the skin can be removed, resulting in ineffective treatment of the foreskin issue or unsatisfactory cosmetic results. In such a case, you may be required to undergo revision circumcision for treatment. 
  • Potential Impact on Sexual Pleasure: Decreased sensitivity of the penis glans is one of the most discussed potential disadvantages of circumcision. When the foreskin is removed, the penis glans is exposed to constant friction, which may reduce sensitivity over time and affect sexual pleasure. However, actual cases of such a complication are extremely rare. 

Benefits of Advanced Circumcision Procedures

While the chances of any major complications after a circumcision procedure are low, advanced and minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as laser circumcision, have made them almost negligible. 

Laser circumcision is a modern, advanced, and minimally invasive surgical procedure that utilizes a highly focused laser beam to remove the foreskin. The entire procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and does not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Due to its precise nature, laser circumcision does not carry the risk of any major bleeding or deep cuts either. 

The best part about laser circumcision surgery, however, is that it ensures fast and smooth recovery. In most cases, recovery after laser circumcision surgery only takes 7-10 days to complete. But, most patients are able to return to their daily lifestyle in just 2-3 days after surgery. 


The decision to undergo circumcision is personal and complex, with no definitive answer. Often, people have no choice but to get circumcised due to their strong religious or cultural beliefs. Whereas in other cases, it can be a case of medical necessity and maintaining good personal hygiene. Regardless of the reason behind your circumcision procedure, however, consulting with a qualified urologist remains crucial. 

If you are considering to undergo a circumcision procedure or have any further queries regarding whether circumcision is good or bad for you, contact us and book your appointment with our team of highly qualified and experienced urologists. 

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