How much does Circumcision Surgery Cost in Bangalore?


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The cost is one of the important factors that most people consider before undergoing any surgery. On average, circumcision in Bangalore can cost you between Rs. 23,000 to Rs. 75,000. But this price range varies from person to person and hospital to hospital. And other factors that do impact the cost of circumcision surgery in Bangalore that is mentioned further in this post.

The Cost of Circumcision Surgery in Bangalore:

In the Garden City of India – Bangalore, one can undergo circumcision surgery at an affordable cost.

  • The minimum cost of circumcision surgery in Bangalore starts from Rs. 20,000.
  • The maximum price of circumcision in Bangalore can rise to Rs 85,000.
  • The average amount to be paid for circumcision in Bangalore can be Rs. 50,000.

The mentioned price of circumcision is not the same for every person. It is dependent on several factors.

To know the exact cost of circumcision in Bangalore, contact the specific hospital from where you wish to undergo surgery.

Factors affecting the circumcision surgery:

Type of surgery:

Your doctor will evaluate the severity and type of piles from which you are suffering and recommend the best and safest type of piles surgery. So, depending on the type of piles surgery, the cost may vary.

Type of hospital:

Several hospitals in Bangalore offer piles surgery with different services, and the cost of piles surgery can vary from one hospital to another. If you wish to undergo piles surgery in a multispeciality hospital, then the cost may be higher when compared to a non-multispecialty hospital. So, before choosing a hospital to undergo piles surgery, enquire about all the services and facilities provided by them.

Location of the hospital:

Bangalore has different types of hospitals that provide pile surgery at various locations. So, if you choose a hospital that is located in a densely populated and busy area, your cost for piles surgery would be higher when compared to the hospitals that are situated in less populous areas.

Doctor consultation fee:

Consultation fee in Bangalore varies from doctor to doctor. If you are consulting a well-experienced [for example, 20+ years of experience] doctor, then his/her consultation fee would be more when compared with a doctor with lesser years of experience. So, the consultation fee is completely dependent on how experienced the doctor is and how well he/she is trained in treating piles.

Cost of anesthetist:

In a few cases, before performing pile surgery, you may be sedated with the help of anesthesia. The cost of anesthesia depends on the type of anesthesia used and the experience of the certified anesthetist.

Diagnostic charges:

To evaluate, diagnose, and plan an appropriate treatment course for your piles, your doctor may suggest undergoing a few diagnostic tests like colonoscopy, proctoscopy, biopsy, digital examination, rectal examination, etc. The cost for these diagnostic tests varies from one hospital/diagnostic center to another.

Type of admission room:

In Bangalore, several hospitals offer different kinds of admission rooms like deluxe rooms, twin sharing rooms, premium twin sharing rooms, premium deluxe rooms, suite rooms, and daycare. The cost for these rooms differs from each other. So, before admission to any of the hospitals in Bangalore, choose what type of room you need as this can affect your overall cost for piles surgery in Bangalore.

Why be circumcised?

For centuries, circumcision is performed for newborns as a religious act. It is highly common in people who follow Islam and Judaism.

But, most people in this advanced world, regardless of religion, are undergoing circumcision. This is because circumcision is used as a preventive measure or for personal hygiene. Also, this procedure is recommended by many doctors to cure conditions like:

  • Phimosis: inability to retract the foreskin
  • Paraphimosis: unable to return the retracted foreskin to its original position
  • Balanitis: enlargement or swelling of the foreskin
  • Balanoposthitis: inflammation of the foreskin of the penis

Some people also choose circumcision as a choice of personal and aesthetic reasons. If you are planning to get circumcised, read on the pros and cons of this surgical procedure.

Pros and Cons of circumcision:

Several techniques of circumcision have emerged due to medical advancements. Out of those, laser and ZSR circumcision surgical procedures are highly recommended by many health care provides. A few of the benefits of those procedures are:

  • painless
  • minimal risk of infection
  • no loss of blood
  • safe and convenient
  • daycare procedure
  • quick recovery
  • easy to maintain good genital hygiene

Circumcised men or adults have less chance of developing medical conditions like urinary tract infections, penile cancer, sexually transmitted diseases [HIV, etc.], and foreskin diseases like phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, etc.

Apart from pros, every surgical method involves a few disadvantages. Some of the cons of circumcision are listed below:

  • pain in the penis
  • infection
  • bleeding
  • poor healing
  • maybe seen as disfigurement by some

Before undergoing circumcision, clarify all your doubts about the circumcision with your doctor.

Final words:

The cost of circumcision varies from city to city and is dependent on various factors. To avail the best and safest circumcision with the utmost care, you can visit us. In case circumcision is recommended to treat a medical condition, try not to delay it.

All our associated hospitals follow safety and precautionary measures to make sure every patient is free from infections like COVID-19. In Bangalore, you can undergo circumcision from various hospitals at an affordable cost. If you wish to know more details about circumcision surgery, you can call us.

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